Full Day
Group size:
Minimum 2 adults
Php 6,741/adult | Php 6,261/child

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  • Other admission Fees
  • Transportation costs included in the tour
  • Lunch


  • Meals, insurance, personal expenses
  • Fast passes and express passes
  • Others not mentioned in the inclusions


  • In case of bad weather, there is a chance that Mount Fuji cannot be seen. For this reason we will not cancel the tour or make any refund.
  • About fruit picking, depends on the ripeness and growing condition there is a chance that fruits picked in advance will be shared for tasting or given as a souvenir.
  • From mid-November to mid-April, Fuji Suburu Line will be blocked and closed due to heavy snow and other weather conditions. In this case the road cannot be pass through, and the tour schedule will change to visit “Fuji Visitor Center”. Depends on snow conditions, it may change to visit Fuji 1st to 4th Station as well.


Mt. Fuji The world on the clouds! Take the tour bus passing through Fuji Subaru Line and arrive at the Mt. Fuji 5th Station. Fruit picking & all-you-can-eat Strawberry from December to mid-May; Cherry from mid-May to late June; Peach from late June to early August; Grape from early August to November. Houtou pot set Lunch at the Kawaguchi lakeside restaurant and enjoy the famous Udon noodles of Yamanashi Prefecture “Houtou pot set”! Oish Park Types of flowers in Oishi Park (or Kawaguchiko Lakeside Park) vary from season to season: 
Cherry blossoms in April; Shibazakura, Rapeseed, and Tulips in May; German Calamus and Lupine in June; 
Lavender (Herbs) in Late June to mid-July; Begonia and Cosmos in mid-July to September; Kochia in October and Autumn leaves in November.


  • We strongly suggest that tour should not interfere with your flight itinerary
  • Please render your travel dates 2 weeks before the desired departure
  • No show on booked dates will render services forfeited
  • Our company is not accountable for any airline cancellations, reschedules, delays or any changes
  • Non-refundable, non-transferrable, non-rebookable
  • Safety of our clients has always been our priority, therefore, tour cancellations due to weather conditions shall be considered, however, full responsibility of the tour guide and operator shall be imposed.