Banaue and Sagada have the panoramic view of the highlands in the northern part of Luzon. Travelers shall ride a van and will require a ten to twelve-hour ride from Manila. Upon arrival, you will be greatly rewarded by the mesmerizing view of the rice terraces, hanging coffins, caves, and valley.
Sagada is known for its seclusion and freezing temperature. Remote as it may be it still offers great villas for tourists to stay in. There are so many tourist destinations to explore so you might need to plan your trip when going to Sagada. Sagada is the place where visitors can experience simple and humble living in a place where adventure and beauty is part of everyday living.
3 days 2 nights
Travel Period:
July 19 - September 27, 2019
Php 7,488

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  • Round trip air conditioned van: Manila – Sagada (6 people minimum per van*)
  • 2 nights accommodation in Sagada, private room
  • Environment permits and entrance fees
  • Service of local guides for waterfalls
  • Sagada village tour (St. Mary’s church, Echo Valley, Hanging coffins, Ganduyan museum, Sagada weaving)
  • Visit of Kiltepan viewpoint
  • Tour coordinator
Unlike other packages, we don’t overload our vans. We assign a maximum of 10 passengers per van and all participants will have a regular seat as it’s a long ride (12 hours). Comfort and safety first! **THIS TOUR IS ALWAYS IN GROUP TO SAVE COST AND TO MEET NEW FRIENDS. WE ALSO ORGANIZE PRIVATE TOURS UPON YOUR REQUEST. **DUE TO THE DYNAMICS OF THE WEATHER CONDITIONS AND SEASONALITY, WE RARELY ORGANIZE TOURS FROM JUNE-SEPTEMBER FOR SAFETY PURPOSE


  • Insurance, tour not mentioned in the Itinerary


  • Residential Lodge Sagada


  • Never mind the 10-hour travel, once you get in Sagada, it suddenly evokes freedom and sense of liberation. The adventure offers caves, hanging coffins, falls and rice terraces. But wait until you reach Kiltepan View Point, we say, the panoramic view of Sagada will take your breath away.



2000: Departure from Manila (Quezon City)


0600: ETA Sagada. Sunrise watching over Kiltepan viewpoint 0700: Breakfast at Sagada town proper 0800: Check in at hotel: freshen up 0900: St. Mary’s church, Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, Sagada Weaving 1200: Lunch 1400: Caving adventure 1900: Dinner 2000: Return to hotel. Rest


0700: Breakfast. Buy packed lunch for the trek 0830: Trekking to Bomod-ok Falls (aka Big Falls) 1200: Picnic lunch at the falls. Free time 1300: Return to Sagada proper. Visit the Ganduyan museum. 1400: Free time (souvenir hunting, orange picking, food tripping) 1900: Dinner 2000: Return to hotel. Rest


0700: Breakfast    – Free time until Departure 1300: Departure to Manila 2200: ETA Manila.


           – Bomod-ok Falls Known for its stunning beauty and the nature that surrounds it; The hike itself going to the falls is equally mesmerizing. Sumaguing and lumiang Caves At the entrance of Sumaguing cave you will be greeted with some coffins and human remains that can be seen. There are many small passages that will lead you to the exit which is Lumiang Cave. This activity requires tourists to rappel, crawl, hike, climb and pass thru pools of water. You will be able to watch the famous rock formations such as rice granary, giant cauliflower, and the Kings Curtain. Upon reaching the exit which is Lumiang Cave you will witness a lot of bats at the ceilings of the cave.
  • Echo Valley:
          – The great rock formation in Batanes. Best to go in the morning and wander around the hanging coffins, walk through the tunnel of the river. There are lots of paths in echo valley and easy to take the wrong turn. There are 3 caves – one is dry, the second is where the river enters the underground caverns and can be entered only for a short distance, the third is where the river flows under Sagada to the other side of the hill
  • Kiltepan tower.
           – Upon reaching the top, walk along the path that leads from the left corner. 20 meters to your left is a breathtaking view. Find a rock to sit on and enjoy. Early mornings are fantastic, as are sunsets and the ‘golden hour’. The last, steep, uphill stretches of the road can be slippery
  • Marlboro Mountains.
           – A thirty-minute hike from a drop off point in Lamangan. It’s a fairly easy walk and you would be definitely enamored with the tall trees that line the marked path to a central clearing. You’ll know that you’re at the end of the trail when the entire panorama opens up and just surprises you with a panoramic view of the mountains, hills, and terraces nearby. It’s almost like being at a mountain summit. It’s perfect for those who want to sit by the cliff and just reflect. It’s also a good place for photographers